Helping You Stay Active

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Dr. Joel Weisberg
Clinic Director and Principal Doctor
Downsview Chiropractic


Helping You Stay Active

We understand that when simple activities aren’t so simple,
it changes everything.
You feel not as productive at work….
You feel not as engaged at home….
Down-time feels more like you’re down-for-the-count.
Thankfully, you may be able to change your story. The activities you do are your business. Helping you stay active is ours.
Get a better idea of what your patient-centered experience with Downsview Chiropractic will be like, by watching our Patient Centered Care video.

Clinic in North York

At Downsview Chiropractic, our team offers a variety of services and approaches to help you reach your goals: chiropractic, physiotherapy and massage therapy. The activities you do are your business. Helping you stay active is ours.

Our commitment: Care that makes the difference™. Our North York Toronto team is committed to meeting the high expectations you have. We aim to make each experience one you look forward to – from personalized attention, to planning an efficient visit, to confidence inspiring care, and of course a warm welcome.

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“My body loosened up. I saw results on the first day. I can sit and work longer without pain and it has helped me learn to take care of my body.”

Tina F.

“Professional and caring and responds well to your concerns whether they are new issues or you require ongoing care and maintenance.”


“Treatment methods are spot on and I always feel like a million bucks after a chiro appointment.”

Melanie C.

“It definitely helps… I can get out of bed without making noises anymore!”

Dianne E.

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