What is the price of Chiropractic care?

The price of chiropractor visits in Toronto varies according to the clinic you visit. At Downsview Chiropractic, we’re big on transparency. Our fees are always displayed publicly so that they are disclosed before your visit even begins. For our up-to-date prices, give us a call at 416-635-1818!

When you start chiropractic care, or even if you transfer your care to a new chiropractor, the College of Chiropractors of Ontario – which is the main regulatory body for all registered chiropractors in the province – requires that an assessment take place. This is a longer appointment time and involves a chiropractic consultation and examination. You can expect to be told about your condition and what can be done to help you reach the activity goals you tell us about.

Our fee for treatment visits are also displayed in clinic so they are disclosed before your treatment begins. Different visits have different costs depending on their complexity. Your visit may include manual therapy with the joints or muscles of the affected area, acupuncture, knowledge sharing about your condition, exercise or behavior instruction, or exercise supervision. What doesn’t change visit-to-visit is the fee for the specific service you are receiving. For our up-to-date prices, give us a call at 416-635-1818!

We don’t offer canned care of a fixed number of visits here. Each person’s care is unique to them. After your assessment, you’ll be given our best recommendation for the care you need and for how long it will take. Because each person’s plan is unique, we can’t give you an estimate of the amount of care you need, or the cost, until we’ve met you.

Will OHIP cover my chiropractic care with you?
OHIP is no longer the primary payer for rehabilitation services in Ontario. The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) stopped covering chiropractic visits from December 2004. This means if you want to visit a chiropractor in Ontario, you’ll have to pay out of pocket.
Will OHIP cover the cost of my physiotherapy care with you?
OHIP is no longer the primary payer for rehabilitation services in Ontario and only a very small number of clinics remain that accept OHIP. Downsview Chiropractic is not an OHIP clinic.
Does insurance cover my chiropractic care with you?

Every extended health benefit plan is different and coverage will vary from plan to plan. Downsview Chiropractic’s admin team can provide you with assistance in determining what your coverage criteria and eligibility requirements entail.

Most extended health care plans (EHCs) do cover chiropractic visits but the about of coverage varies from company-to-company and even from policy-to-policy from the same insurance company. Many time both you and your spouse/partner will have coverage for your care. It is important for you to know how much of the chiropractor’s fee will be paid under your Extended Healthcare plan.

Providers typically cover a fixed amount per visit ($80, for example) that may not be the entire cost of the visit, or cover a percentage of the total fee. In some cases, there might also be an annual limit on how much you can bill your EHC for chiropractic visits. Your insurance coverage is there to help you with the cost of care, not necessarily to fully cover your care.

With your permission, we will contact your plan provider and will work with your plan to provide you the best strategy for plan utilization. Overlapping scopes of practice between services like Physiotherapy and Chiropractic mean that a multi-disciplinary clinic like Downsview Chiropractic can provide you with many treatment options.

English is my second language. Do you speak any other languages?

Yes we do! And we’re happy to provide care in your native language when we can. For assessment to treatment to knowledge-sharing and teaching you about your condition. We find that it is easier for you to feel more empowered when you can receive care in your native language.

Our physiotherapist can provide physiotherpay consultations and physiotherapy treatment in seven languages:

  • English
  • French (Physiotherapie en Francais)
  • German (Physiotherapie Deutsch)
  • Italian (Fisioterapia in Italiano)
  • Romanian (Kinetoterapie in Romana)
  • Russian (Fizioterapiya na Russkom)
  • Spanish (Fisioterapia en Espanol)

Our registered massage therapist can provide massage therapy in two languages:

  • English
  • Russian (Lechebnyy massazhna Russkom)

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