In the Community

Downsview Chiropractic

At Downsview Chiropractic we’re not just committed to improving our clients’ health. We’re also dedicated to helping out those in need who live in our North York community and across the Greater Toronto Area. Our vision is simple: Care. That makes the differenceTM. As health service providers, we get to see the direct impact that our care has on our patients’ well-being, comfort, and quality of life. The same ethic leads to concern for our neighbours and participation in the community. Downsview Chiropractic’s involvement in the community comes in many capacities: from keynote presentations to workshops, from coordinating fundraiser special events to gifts-in-kind; from facilitating food-drives and other collections to sharing our clinical experience for the wellbeing of others. Community service is not an add on — it reinforces our vision and core values at every opportunity. In fact, in 2008 we were invited to pilot a community clinic at the Toronto Military Family Resource Centre. We care about helping colleagues make a difference with their communities as well. Downsview Chiropractic regularly hosts students and interns, in both formal and informal partnerships, with chiropractic schools, the naturopathic college, and even the University of Toronto. Our students are both local and come to us from the United States. We’ve mentored new and veteran chiropractors who’ve been partnered with us as part of a Provincial mentorship program. We’re committed to upholding these values across all of the services we offer, and the community initiatives we take part in. Our efforts were rewarded with the Community Service Award from the Ontario Chiropractic Association in 2007 and in 2008.
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