Dr. Joel Weisberg
Christian Cooney

Christian Cooney joined our clinic in 2022 as a Temporary Office Manager. She believes that each person is entitled to quality care and service when it comes to the wellbeing of people as a whole. Christian has over 5 years of business operations experience leading teams in client services and quality care procedures before joining the team at Downsview Chiropractic. 

Christian strives to live a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle. She brings an educational background in Fitness and Health Promotion as well as Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Promotion from Humber College. 

Christian has a genuine charism that she uses to make everyone’s day a little brighter than it was when they first came through the door. Her passion for living a healthy, balanced lifestyle shines through with her hidden passion in the kitchen and her love for lifting heavy weights!

Care. That makes the Difference™.

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