Dr. Joel Weisberg
Dr. Joel Weisberg

Dr. Joel Weisberg is the Clinic Director and Principal Doctor at Downsview Chiropractic.

The difference it makes to a patient when they learn, receive appropriate care, and are empowered to self-manage, is often bigger than the relief they were seeking. Dr. Weisberg is driven to make that difference to people in their pursuit of a life lived well.

Downsview Chiropractic’s culture of patent-centred clinical excellence in an environment of exceptional customer service dates back to the clinic’s inception in 1985. Having first joined the clinic as a student in 1995, Dr. Weisberg’s commitment to these values never wavered. The clinic has now grown to a collaborative healthcare team that includes Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Registered Massage Therapists, and Social Work. Dr. Weisberg has used this clinic model to support the development of future clinicians by accepting student placements from two chiropractic schools and a prestigious undergraduate university, and by helping to pilot a provincial mentoring program.

Dr. Weisberg has held various leadership positions at the provincial and national level throughout his career, with the primary goal of a broader positive impact on the healthcare of Canadians. Dr. Weisberg was the 2007 recipient of the prestigious Heart and Hands Award, in recognition of “making an impact through selfless devotion to patient treatment”. In 2013 Dr. Weisberg received the Ontario Chiropractic Association’s inaugural Patient Care Award, in recognition of providing “exceptional patient experiences”.

Dr. Weisberg’s shares his drive to make that difference with the greater community as well. His work to lead events that supported the public in their pursuit of a life lived well was recognized by the Ontario Chiropractic Association with the Society Leader’s Award in 2007 and 2008.

Care. That makes the Difference™.

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