Partnership of Care

You and your chiropractor have an equal and vital role in the pursuit of your optimum health and well-being.You have the right to expect your chiropractor to provide...

  • ethical conduct of practice
  • respectful, honest and clear communication in all aspects of care
  • provide a fulsome explanation and informed consent process of any examination, diagnostic test or treatment prior to its deliverance
  • communicate clearly an appropriate explanation and methods of the removal of any clothing for clinical purposes, including appropriate gowning methods, that respects the patient’s privacy and dignity
  • relevant, safe and supportive patient-centred care
  • deliver chiropractic care in a clinical, patient-centred and culturally-sensitive manner, without reference to personal or religious matters, and taking into consideration any sensitivities of the patient
  • accurate and comprehensive records
  • accommodation and accessibility for disabilities and human rights, or alternative arrangements if accessibility is not possible
  • an awareness of current health and well-being issues
  • information about what chiropractic offers
  • timely and necessary communication and/or referral to other health professionals
  • timely transfer of records, when appropriate
  • compliance with the College of Chiropractors of Ontario’s (CCO) regulations, standards of practice, policies and guidelines
  • privacy and confidentiality
  • behaviour and clarity regarding dignified professional boundaries
  • demonstrate increased sensitivity when chiropractic care involves the touching of a sensitive area of the body, with the patient’s guidance and consent
  • disclosure of real or perceived conflicts of interest
  • a process for declining treatment and withdrawal of consent at any time
  • full disclosure of policies, procedures and fees

Your responsibilities to your chiropractor are to provide...

  • honest, accurate and full disclosure of all pertinent health information
  • constructive feedback (positive/negative) regarding all aspects of care
  • a cooperative commitment to your treatment plan
  • compliance with office policies, procedures and fees
  • courtesy and respect for the office environment, staff and other patients
  • up-to-date contact information
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