Interesting Case of the Week: A Power Lifter with Improved Strength After Fully Activating the Diaphragm

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Over the past few months our Dr. Cheung has had the pleasure of working with a very high performing power lifter. For him, Dr. Cheung takes on a different role in helping him optimize proper functioning of the joints and muscles of his body (where usually it’s usually pain management). Recently, we’ve been spending a lot more time focusing on his diaphragm. After giving simple exercises and treating the diaphragm directly, Mr. X reported significantly more strength while lifting in the gym with better optimized intra-abdominal pressure. Really cool results!

If you didn’t know, the diaphragm is a key muscle that is responsible for breathing. This muscle also works to stabilize the spine and it works together with the core muscles, pelvic floor, hip flexors, and much more! With proper function, this muscle will improve activation of all the muscles that it relates to, resulting in increased strength and power. With targeted manual therapy to this muscle together with simple exercises, you can easily get this muscle up and firing to get better results in the gym.

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