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Whats the latest news on low back pain? For addressing pain levels and disability, this trial Published in the Journal of the Americal Medical Association, supports the use of procedures commonly delivered by chiropractors: https://www.chiropractic.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Goertz_2018-Effect-of-Usual-Medical-Care-Plus-Chiropractic-Care-vs-Usual-Medical.pdf

guy stretching while sittingIn the study involving 750 participants, investigators looked at the impact of adding chiropractic care to usual medical care for low back pain. They found that patients who received chiropractic treatment in addition to standard medical approaches experienced greater reductions in pain, less disability and a greater level of patient satisfaction at 6 weeks compared to those receiving medical care alone.
The study, believed to be the largest of its kind comparing chiropractic care added to usual medical care with usual care alone in the United States, also was the most diverse in terms of participants. Reporting the findings, the authors, led by Dr Christine Goertz, emphasized the value of its pragmatic design, meaning that it had greater applicability to real-world situations than previous studies.
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