But… it was just a pencil…

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BC News profiled leading Canadian chiropractic research: "looking at whether or not sitting for long periods of time, in this case, two hours, if that changes how the muscles turn on and function normally in the back" or "if sitting too long stops the muscles in the back from working".http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/study-back-pain-memorial-research-science-1.4682383

The back muscles are used to support and protect you. If they don't function normally after a period of sitting, then they won't protect you during what seems like an innocent move, say... picking up a pencil that fell.The science learned here will help to better understand of how the back works during sitting. And if we understand the science during conditions like prolonged sitting, we can better understand injury risk and injury prevention.
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