A balancing act-

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These days, we all run a tight schedule. If we manage to find the time for a quick pick-up game, or make the time to take the kids to theirs, we want to maximize fun and minimize risk.

A new study published this month looked at many of the various lower extremity (below the belt - hips, legs, knees, ankles...) injury prevention programmes in team sport athletics.

Their conclusions?
- Strength and balance exercises should be prioritized.
- Stretching added no benefit in decreasing sports injuries.

Got a sports injury? Looking to reduce the risk?

Your life. Lived well (TM). Speak to your chiropractor.

Brunner R, et al. Effectiveness of multicomponent lower extremity injury prevention programmes in team sport athletes: an umbrella review. BJSM 2019; Mar. 53(5): 282-88.


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