Your doctor… of Chiropractic

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For years, many people believed chiropractors dealt only with back and neck pain. While it’s true that adjusting the spine is a primary area of expertise, it’s certainly not the only reason to visit a chiropractor. In fact, for a growing number of people, their primary “doctor” is a doctor of chiropractic.

A survey of U.S. chiropractors revealed that more than 80 per cent reported providing information to their patients regarding exercise, diet, stress reduction and injury prevention as well as obtaining information on physical activity, stress, dietary habits and occupational hazards.

More than 50 per cent of those surveyed said they believed in providing patients with information on lifestyle choices such as the risks of tobacco, skin cancer prevention, breastfeeding and the importance diet during pregnancy.

The history of information some chiropractors agreed they should obtain from patients were related to depression/anxiety, alcohol abuse/ dependency, domestic violence, seat belt use, and helmet use.

Chiropractors are very knowledgeable in many areas besides the spine and make a great resource for information

The point? Doctors of chiropractic do a whole lot more than just “crack your back.” In an era of increasing patient empowerment, doctors of chiropractic are dedicated to preventing health problems and maximizing the health of every patient in undeniable, lasting ways.


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Dr. Joel Weisberg is the Clinic Director and Principal Doctor at Downsview Chiropractic The difference it makes to a patient when they learn, receive appropriate care, feel cared for, and are empowered to self-manage, is often bigger than the relief they were seeking. Dr. Weisberg is driven to make that difference to people in their pursuit of a life lived well™.