Interesting Case of The Week – Long term Foot Pain Leads to Back Pain

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Patient X has had repetitive episodes of low back pain for years. Interestingly these episodes started after a severe ankle sprain 2 years ago. His ankle continues to bother him today causing him to walk in a very abnormal way. He turns his entire foot and hip outward in order to avoid the pain in his foot.  

Overtime this altered walking pattern places extra stress on his low back causing him to have repetitive low back pain. We’ve just had a few treatment, but my goal is to greatly improve the pain and movement of his foot allowing him to walk more normal! 

I’ve often found that the location of pain is rarely where the problem is. (and in this case, a problem in the foot is causing low back pain!) 

If you or someone you know are in a similar boat, here’s some of the home exercises I’ve recommended to X:

1) Golf ball roll (every other day) Long Term Foot Pain Leads To Back Pain

2) Ankle mobilization exercise (every day, 20 reps, 3x/day) Ankle Mobilization Exercise For Long Term Foot Pain


Dr. Calvin Cheung