Interesting Case of the Week – Whiplash After Car Accident

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 Whiplash After Car AccidentA Patient With Stiff Neck

This week patient X was rear-ended by a truck and she came into the clinic with a very stiff neck and upper back. In addition she's had migraines that started after the accident. 

Firstly, it's important to do a thorough assessment to see if she's had any critical or alarming injuries. Luckily she was completely clear and she was diagnosed with whiplash-associated disorder. This commonly happens following a car accident and is relatively simple if managed properly. Essentially the muscles/joints/ligaments of the neck and upper back have been strained during the acceleration-deceleration of impact. 

This is quite a significant condition and recovery will be a longer up-and-down journey. Starting with very light therapy, I expect her to improve significantly over 4 weeks and that her stiffness and headaches will resolve!Whiplash-Associated Disorder

If you or someone you know has been in a car accident, make sure that you get a thorough assessment. If the accident was severe, go to the hospital! If not, get an assessment by a qualified health practitioner. 

Dr. Joel Weisberg is the Clinic Director and Principal Doctor at Downsview Chiropractic The difference it makes to a patient when they learn, receive appropriate care, and are empowered to self-manage, is often bigger than the relief they were seeking. Dr. Weisberg is driven to make that difference to people in their pursuit of a life lived well.