Naturopathy for the Whole Family

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Our world today offers multiple healthcare options, and you and your family are free to choose. Above all, you want to eliminate your chronic pain, improve your general health and expand your overall well- being. Naturopathy is one of those healthcare options with a unique approach. A Naturopathic physician strives to facilitate all healing by eliminating the impediments to health.

The basic principles of Naturopathy are for the whole family. It doesn’t matter if you are a senior, a child or an average adult. The principles of Naturopathy can help anyone achieve a more enriched life, but without a pill or surgery.

If you have never considered Naturopathy before, or if you never thought it could benefit all members of your family, we will explain how this healthcare option might provide a more natural solution for children through the baby boomer generation.


Basic Principles of Naturopathy

  • Naturopathy combines the medical science of western civilization with holistic approaches and treatments to help prevent disease, and reduce chronic pain. There are times when a Naturopathic primary care doctor will refer a patient to a traditional physician for a different treatment. The goal of Naturopathy, though, is to use nutrition, acupuncture, massage therapy, botanical medicine, education, and body awareness to bring about overall health.
  • Naturopathic medicine believes your body has the fundamental ability to heal itself once you understand the obstacles you put in your way.
  • Naturopathic medicine believes each person is responsible for their own health.
  • Naturopathic medicine believes the only way a person is healed is by treating their emotional, physical, mental, genetic makeup, and environment factors.
  • Naturopathic medicine believes traditional medicine cannot cure all ailments.
  • Naturopathic medicine believes there is an underlying cause for your pain, disease or chronic ailment. It then provides pro-active steps to discover how to relieve the pain or eliminate the ailment.

Naturopathic Applications for Every Age

The Young:

young kidsOur children have become more sedentary. Years ago the first thing our children, tweens and teens did after school was to run outside to play soccer, hockey or just run around and let off steam from their school day. Today it seems all they aspire to is time with their smartphones, digital games, and endless texting. This can lead to several negative results.

  • Childhood obesity is a growing problem and without proper exercise and dietary recommendations, our children will grow up overweight.
  • Children need a healthy spine and strong bones. Not getting enough activity can put them at risk for chronic diseases later in life and a negative impact on their musculoskeletal (MSK) health.
  • Children need an opportunity to engage in physical activity at least 3 times a week for a healthy weight, to cope with stress, maintain their flexibility, and get the proper amount of sleep.



By 2030 it is estimated that 24% of Canadians will be 65 years or older. As we age our muscles become weaker and stiff, we lose our range of motion, we have balance issues, and we are slower to heal. All this adds up to compromised musculoskeletal health.

Rather than taking pain pills, being forced to have surgery, or just doing nothing, Naturopathic approaches can be extremely beneficial for seniors by helping them to make good choices.

  • Improving a baby boomers diet to include more Vitamin C and D along with calcium can make a positive difference in their lifestyle.
  • Choosing Chiropractic care and massage therapy for joint degeneration and range-of-motion issues.
  • Stretching exercises, a 10 minute walk, even weight training will improve joint flexibility and even relieve depression.
  • Take up aqua fitness for a low impact activity.

Naturopathic approaches can help seniors avoid common MSK issues like osteoporosis, spinal stenosis, and limited mobility.

Contact Downsview Chiropractic for other Naturopathic care recommendations for seniors. We will make a patient centered plan for you.

New Parents:

Along with the joy of having a baby comes the back pain and sleep deprivation. New parents can experience neck, back and shoulder pain. Finding just a few minutes a day to do stretching exercises will help.

Downsview Chiropractic can make some other suggestions to help relieve the stress of a new baby in the household. Treat yourself to Massage therapy and return home feeling rejuvenated.

Chronic Inflammations at Any Age

There are countless Naturopathic remedies for chronic inflammations. The Mediterranean diet, certain exercises, acupuncture, avoiding alcohol and refined carbs all are drug free alternatives.

If you or a member of your family has tried drugs or surgical solutions for your chronic pain, lifestyle issue, or other ailment, consider the principals of Naturopathy and its remedies.

Contact the professionals at Downsview Chiropractic for more information or to make an appointment.

Dr. Joel Weisberg is the Clinic Director and Principal Doctor at Downsview Chiropractic The difference it makes to a patient when they learn, receive appropriate care, feel cared for, and are empowered to self-manage, is often bigger than the relief they were seeking. Dr. Weisberg is driven to make that difference to people in their pursuit of a life lived well™.