OMG Those shoes are fabulous!

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Now I know you want to hear those words from your friendly neighborhood chiropractor as much as your fashionista friends.  Here’s how.

Shoe Shopping Prep:

Keep track of your miles and get new shoes about every 300 to 600 miles.  If you tend to be hard on your shoes, switch sneaks closer to 300.

Shop at the end of the day or after your walk.  Your feet swell as the day goes on, and you want to be sure the shoes will still fit when that happens.

Try on the shoes wearing your walking socks. 


Anchor your ankle - The area around the ankle (called the collar) should be heavily padded to prevent twists and blisters.

-The Heel Deal - Look for a snug fit around the heel and a high Achilles notch, the slight dip at the top of the heel, to better support your foot and prevent it from sliding forward. 

-Sole Points - The outer sole should be textured enough to give you traction and prevent slipping.  The rockier the terrain, the deeper the grooves should be.

Oh-So-Arched - The shoe should also fit your arch type.  If you have a high arch, look for a curved last, which means the edge of the sole noticeably dips in at the middle.  Those with a low arch need a straight last (the edge of the sole is straight).

-Wiggle Room - There should be at least ¼ to ½ inch of space between your big toe and the end of the shoe to prevent calluses and provide stability, especially since your foot expands slightly as you exercise. 

Well Gelled - The insole should support your arch, keep your feet and lower body in proper alignment, and help distribute your weight evenly across the bottom of your foot.  When you walk, it should feel like you’re walking on a cushion.

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