A Short Walk

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If you suffer any of the following, you have good grounds to get checked.

 - “Flat” Feet

 - Asymmetrical Hips

 - Spinal Imbalances

 - Muscular Tension

Chiropractors take a holistic approach to musculoskeletal health. That means examinations look at whole systems of muscles and joints, not just the individual parts. One of the problems may be what gets called a “short leg”.

There are two types of “short leg” and each has its own unique characteristics.

  • Anatomical short leg. The bones in one leg are shorter in length than the other
  • Functional short leg. The bones of each leg are the same length.  However, one of the legs has shifted up or down: essentially functioning as if it were shorter. 


Anatomical Short Legs

In young people, anatomical leg length inequality may be due to an unequal growth rate of the legs.  Other origins include fractures, surgery, birth defects or even bone disease.

Functional Short Leg

While a functional short leg is the same length (or nearly so) as its partner leg, it performs as if it was short. Functional short legs often go unnoticed – if you are not screening for it how would you know?

One investigator looked into anatomical Leg Length Inequality in approximately 600 young people and reported that 32 per cent had a short leg (UPS J Med Sci 1988;93:245-53).

In clinical cases of anatomical short leg, the doctor may recommend specialized heel lifts or shoe inserts called orthotics. When misalignment of the spine, pelvis or hips is to blame, doctors of chiropractic utilize specialized techniques to gently function and alignment of the systems. Don’t limp along (pardon the pun) unnecessarily creating imbalances. A holistic approach means helping you manage the cumulated effects of asymmetry as well.

Dr. Joel Weisberg is the Clinic Director and Principal Doctor at Downsview Chiropractic The difference it makes to a patient when they learn, receive appropriate care, feel cared for, and are empowered to self-manage, is often bigger than the relief they were seeking. Dr. Weisberg is driven to make that difference to people in their pursuit of a life lived well™.