This week’s case – A new mom with upper back pain

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The Latest from Dr. Cheung: Another great week in practice and this week I had the pleasure of seeing a new mom. After the physical marathon of pregnancy, birth, and now taking care of a baby this mom is experiencing quite a bit pain.

Because new moms spend most of their time holding their baby or breastfeeding, this puts a lot of extra stress on the upper back and shoulders. With proper care and exercise, she should be back to 100% in 3-4 weeks!

There are a few simple exercises that can help resolve or prevent this issue. I recommend new moms to perform a combination of stretching and strengthening exercises.

From a few posts before, I still recommend the cat-camel exercise as it's great for loosening the upper and mid back. In addition, the wall angels exercise is great to increase stability of the shoulders. If this is your first time trying these exercise, do them for 10 repetitions and 3 sets!

pregnant woman      Cat Camel Angels

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