Those were the days.

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Ever think ‘how did I pull-off doing so much back then’?  Ever reminisce about the athletic prowess or stamina of your youth?

These days, youth are participating in more organized sports lessons, clubs and teams.  More and more young athletes are becoming injured due to training and competing year round without the season breaks. Some athletes are even competing on multiple teams simultaneously. Over training is creating new levels of injuries in the adolescent populations. Sometime it’s easy to understand the injury, like a fall or a bump.  But some of your youth’s complaints may not be as obvious, like repetitive or chronic injuries.

Awareness, prevention and treatment are separate valid strategies that can help minimize the impact of these injuries.  Often these injuries are ignored by the player, or underestimated by the parent/trainer and the athlete is encouraged to “play through the pain.”

It’s important to realize that adolescents are just as susceptible to overuse or traumatic joint injuries as adults.  If these joints become injured and are left undiagnosed or inappropriately managed, it could result in:

  • Delayed healing
  • Turning an easily treatable injury into one that becomes more difficult to treat
  • Limited or discontinued participation in athletics

It is crucial to have these injuries evaluated to ensure the adolescent athlete is receiving the correct treatment for the injury. “Minor” injuries that adolescent athletes are “shaking off” can create issues for them in the future. A lot of these injuries can be treated with great results, keeping the player healthy, active and not just reminiscing the old days.