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Working. Walking, Standing up. Sitting down. Caring for your kids. Or caring for your garden. They’re all everyday simple things, until they’re not. When you’re not functioning at 100%, when mobility and pain hold you back, we’re here to help you live life well.

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Massage Therapy

Ease tense muscles, restore flexibility, reduce scar tissue, and relax the mind and body. Massage is therapy.

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Pain management, injury treatment, or movement and conditioning. Everyone’s ‘what’ may be unique, but recovery and independence are almost universal ‘whys’.

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Stenosis Boot Camp

Maybe you’ve noticed you walk bending forward. Maybe you’ve been told your back or leg pain pains come from stenosis. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a short, intensive program to help you self manage better?

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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Social Work

Your beliefs about yourself have tremendous impact on your life. They influence how you interact with others, how you navigate challenges from personal situations to chronic pain, and how you view your future. What would change if you could chip away at dysfunctional beliefs?

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For Primary Care Providers

Our multi discipline clinic sets the stage for collaborative care by implementing patient-centred best practices, and maintaining open lines of communication with referring physicians.

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