You can’t do that the way you are used to. Or if you can, how you feel after makes you not want to. Physiotherapy is based on the art and science of how movement affects function.

Relieve pain, build strength, improve mobility, change movement patterns, recover from an injury, or reduce the risk of reinjury. we’ll create a plan based on your goals.

Naturopathic doctors use different forms of care, including the following:

  • Manual therapies
  • Exercise medicine
  • Lifestyle counseling
  • Electro acupuncture and modalities.

Appropriate referrals to medical doctors or other alternative health care providers are also made, when necessary.

Manual Therapies

We use a variety of hands on approaches to work with joints muscles, ligaments and tendons to allow your body to move better.

Exercise Science

Being able to move better is the relief many are looking for. The measure of your life lived wellTM is often found by actually moving. Functional rehabilitation can target your stamina, balance or mobility for greater independence.


This has many similarities to traditional acupuncture with the advantage that no needles are used. In North America, it has been studied for a number of conditions, including pain relief and relief of muscle spasms.

Therapeutic Modalities

A variety of other technologies can be used to for pain management and to promote healing. We can use either ‘low tech’ or ‘high tech’ strategies depending on your goals and preferences.

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"My body loosened up. I saw results on the first day."

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Tina F
"It is something that is very important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle as well as a way to help restore energy to my body"

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"My tension and soreness reduced significantly after the first week"

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"I have gotten great care for many years"

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"I love chiropractic! It has changed my life and I hope more people choose and enjoy the benefits that I've had!"

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