Physiotherapy for Knee Pain

Physiotherapy for knee pain

Whether you are suffering from acute pain, a sport injury, or whether you have more long term pain due to osteoarthritis, physiotherapy can help you manage your knee pain. Physiotherapists are trained in movement and function, and are well equipped to help in your recovery.

Knee pain is common during growth spurts in children, or with trauma from sport or falls, or it may come on as we age with wear and tear. Knee pain can stem from the muscles, ligaments, tendons, cartilage or meniscus. It can sometimes also be referred from the hip joint or lower back.

Should I see a physiotherapist for knee pain

It is important to seek treatment for your knee pain early as possible to avoid developing stubborn compensations strategies that make the rehab process longer and more challenging.

Firstly, your physiotherapist will conduct a thorough assessment to determine the causes and contributing factors of your knee pain. Your strength, flexibility and balance will be assessed.

Depending on the cause, severity, duration of the pain and your ability to get the proper treatment, recovery can take a few weeks up to a few months. Remember to be patient and consistent with your prescribed home exercise program. Keep in mind that your trusted physiotherapist or chiropractor sees these types of conditions regularly, and will be the best person to advise you on the best course of treatment at any given point in your recovery. For knee pain, keeping your physiotherapist informed is important.

In some cases, such as when there is a large meniscal tear or full ACL rupture, arthroscopic surgery may be required.  If surgery is required, it is a good strategy to receive pre-surgical rehabilitation (prehab) and post surgical rehabilitation (rehab) to contribute to your functional outcomes.

What can a physiotherapist do for knee pain

Treatments often start with pain control strategies. We may use ultrasound, or electrical therapies such as TENS for pain relief.

Hands on techniques are used once your pain is under control, such as soft tissue massage and joint mobilizations, to help relieve any muscle tightness or joint stiffness and improve mobility.

Taping may also be necessary for short term relief of your knee pain as you begin your return to sport or activity. We may recommend the use of a knee brace during sport to help offload the structures and provide some extra support.

If the cause of your knee pain is related to other biomechanics like back, hips or feet, we will put a plan together to help improve those areas. This can include rehabilitative exercises or co-management with our chiropractors or massage therapists.

To maintain your treatment gains, you will be taught more about what you can do, such as position changes, exercises, and behaviour modification.

Knee pain may be controlling your life, but it doesn’t have to!  Our North York physiotherapy and chiropractic practice will get you the help you need to start doing the things you love once again without pain.

If you experience knee pain for more than just a few days consult a physiotherapist for an assessment. A careful evaluation from your healthcare provider will help determine if you can be helped with physiotherapy treatment for knee pain. Since 1985, our North York clinic has been helping people from across the Greater Toronto Area recover and manage their health so that they can live life well. Contact Downsview Chiropractic in North York today to request your appointment and get started on physiotherapy for shoulder pain.

Physiotherapy for Knee Pain

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