Physiotherapy for Shoulder Pain

How physiotherapy can help with shoulder pain

The shoulder can suffer from a variety of conditions; pain and decreased movements can be caused by problems with the muscles and their tendons, with the soft tissues lining the joint (capsule), with the bones or bursae, which are small fluid filled structures that allow the tendons to glide smoothly. Shoulder pain can be caused also by issues with the neck or  the mid-back.

Should I see a physiotherapist for shoulder pain

Putting myself in the place of a patient, this is what I would expect from the professional assessing and treating me:
– To be punctual and considerate with my needs;
– To discuss with me about consent for examination and therapy; to explain that the examination can cause an increase in pain that day;
– To explain that me getting better is the result of team work and that I will have to follow the professional advice in exercise, rest and work;
– At the end of the assessment to be told what the opinion of my therapist is about the cause of my pain;
– To have a treatment plan discussed with me, with interventions and a time frame;
– During physiotherapy treatment sessions for shoulder pain to receive one-on-one therapy and instruction regarding self-management;

What can a physiotherapist do for shoulder pain

If you’re struggling with shoulder pain, know that physiotherapy is a natural, easy, and comfortable way to find relief for shoulder pain. Your initial treatment for shoulder pain may involve gentle manual (hands-on) therapy using gentle movement that helps to restore normal joint movement, ease soft tissue restrictions, and promote circulation. It may also include specific therapeutic exercises to restore shoulder strength and a more normal pattern of muscle activation around the shoulder. Your therapist will also educate you about exercises you can do at home to enhance your strength and achieve more sustainable results.

Shoulder pain may be controlling your life, but it doesn’t have to!  Our North York physiotherapy and chiropractic practice will get you the help you need to start doing the things you love once again without pain.

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Physiotherapy for shoulder pain

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