Virtual care, also known as telehealth visits, are an opportunity for you to get help in achieving more control over your physical health. This fully secure service will allow us to have face-to-face video conferencing with you, the patient, at a pre-booked appointment time.

In a virtual consultation telehealth visit, you can tell us the activities you want to do, and the way they’re being affected by how you feel. You can show us the challenges you’re having with on-camera movement assessment. If it seems that you may not be a good candidate for virtual care, other recommendations can be made.

In a virtual care telehealth visit you may receive reassuring information about your condition, self-care advice, suggestions for activity modification, and exercise program design, progressions and modifications.

Evidence suggests real-time telehealth (videoconferencing) and telephone-based interventions are effective for improving pain and function in individuals with spinal conditions, osteoarthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions.1-5

What to expect

THE CONVENIENCE PACKAGE: Your telehealth chiropractic experience consists of at-least two virtual visits. In the first, we work together to establish and start your plan of care. At least one follow up visit is required to monitor and review your plan of care. Modifications and progressions to the plan can be introduced at that second visit to help you manage your own physical health.

You will receive an email reminder 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. Click the button at the bottom of your email to join.


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At the beginning of your telehealth visit your ID will be confirmed. Some information about telehealth visits will be reviewed with you and then you will be asked for your consent to continue.

The activities you do and your current condition will be reviewed in much the same way as an in-person visit. If this is the first time we are meeting you, or if this is a new condition for you, the review will be more in-depth than if this is a follow up appointment. Please plan your time and availability accordingly.

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How do I prepare?

You’ll need a computer with camera and microphone capabilities, or smartphone or tablet, and a reliable connection to the internet.

Any documentation you need to complete will be emailed in advance. These need to be completed entirely before your telehealth visit.

You may be asked to move around during your visit. We recommend that you plan the privacy and space of your location in advance.

If you have any test-results, doctor-reports, or other information that would help in developing your plan of care, you can upload the files directly to your profile, or FAX them to our office.


Video: Patient Centred Care

Video: How to join your telehealth visit

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